Free Scripts with our windows hosting plans


 FREE Scripts with Windows Hosting Accounts

For windows hosting the control panel is Plesk. In Plesk there is a built in script installer which offers easy installations of the Free PHP Scripts. Its Similar to Fantastico in Cpanel of Linux Hosting.

Scripts being installed by Plesk Script Installer

Following scripts can be autoinstalled using Plesk. Installation procedure takes seconds and can be performed by novices without the need of setting up databases, importing structure, setting permissions to files and without the need of other tasks usually associated with installations:

Content management
phpnuke v8.0
Bitrix Site Manager - Ultimate v7.0
Bitrix Site Manager - Standard v7.0
Bitrix Site Manager - Start v7.0
Drupal v6.16
Mambo v4.6.5
typo3 v4.3.0
textpattern v4.2.0
vivvocms v4.0.0
sitefeeling v3.7.0.0
nucleus v3.32
Siteframe v3.2.2
bigace v2.6
xoops v2.3.2b
iScripts EasySnaps v2.0
DocFAQ v1.71
joomla v1.5.15
Pivot v1.40.5
phpwcms v1.3.5
FAQMasterFlex v1.2
Xaraya v1.1.4
Links v1.0
articlepublisher v1.0
PostNuke v0.764
phpwebsite v0.10.2

DotNetNuke v4.8.2
tikiwiki v1.9.7
phpWiki v1.3.14

CRE Loaded v6.2.13
BV Commerce v5.0
cubecart v3.0.20
CS-Cart v1.3.5
Classifieds v1.0
xtcommerce v3.0.4

moodle v1.9.3

phpBB v3.0.4
advancedguestbook v2.4.4
phpMyChatPlus v1.92.0
phpBook v1.50
smf v1.1.8
phpmychat v0.15.0
artmedicguestbook v4.0

gallery v2.3.1
4images v1.7.6
Coppermine v1.4.16
gallery v2.3

nmsguestbook v1.52
artmedicguestbook v4.0

phpList v2.10.5

phpMyChatPlus v1.92.0
phpmychat v0.15.0

movabletype v4.2
b2evolution v3.3.1
WordPress v2.9.2
pmachinefree v2.4
BlogEngine.NET v1.4.5
LifeType v1.2.6
geeklog v1.4.1
DotClear v1.2
serendipity v1.1.2
pLog v1.0
EasyMoblog v0.5.1
BlogEngine.NET v1.1


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